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Building Bridges between Wildcats and the Mining Community through Education and Outreach



The mission of the Chapter is to build a reputation upon respect, integrity, and professionalism while promoting awareness in the fields of mining, metallurgy and exploration through education and direct exposure to mining practices, equipment, sustainability and safety.



This coming academic year (2018-2019) the student chapter has many goals it plans to accomplish. With the help of chapter members, faculty and industry professionals many of those goals will be more than attainable.

Fundraise for 2019 sme annual expo & conference

This years conference will be held in Denver. The goal is to have every student be able to attend the conference at the lowest cost possible.

targeted outreach

The SME Student Chapter and the MGE Department are looking for aspiring young engineers, geologists and metallurgists to join the Chapter and make a positive impact in their future careers.

more professional development

Securing an internship should be on the minds of students whenever its time for applying. The Chapter will provide professional assistance for members including: resume resources, mock interviews and networking.

Fundraise for SME competition teams

The SME/NSSGA Mine Design Team will need all the help it can get to get a team of 12 to the finals in Denver.  Also, the Intercollegiate Mining Games Team will need help in funding its travel to Reno, NV for this years competition.


“Our goal is to ensure every member has the best chance for success through access to scholastic and professional growth opportunities”

JAMES VERBOIS  |  president



Bylaws outline an organization’s internal operating rules. This important document defines the size of the board and how it functions, roles and duties of members and officers, rules and procedures for holding meetings, nomination and election procedures and other essential governance matters. The Executive Board reviews the bylaws periodically and amends them as SME evolves. Any proposed changes must go through SME National, SME Tucson Section and the UA Engineering Student Council (ESC). The parent and local organizations after careful review, then makes its recommendations to the UA SME Student Chapter for a vote of approval.